Jul 062012

Like most of the U.S. our area is baking under 100+ degree heat. I live in a suburb of Chicago, and we just aren’t used to it being this hot for this long. Thankfully, our area was fortunate in that we did not lose power with some of the storms that blew through here last week. And I pray for our air conditioner every day!

I’ve been surfing the net and found some yummy looking no bake sweets and treats.

My friend Denise, found this one. They’re called Avalanche Bars!

This next one is from a new blog I’ve discovered. These are no bake cookies they call Gorilla Poops! I have a few members of my family who would get a kick out of that name. 😉

See a theme here? Chocolate is definitely a weakness.
This is a Chocolate & Peanutbutter Dessert – YUMMO!