Jun 232010
Learning Store Coupon Policies

As I start to get more into couponing, I’m becoming aware of the fact coupon policies vary from store to store and it’s a good idea to be familiar with those that I tend to frequent. So, I spent the afternoon researching online to learn store coupon policies, and here are some I found. Target’s coupon policy is a little more liberal and allows coupon stacking of one of their Target issued coupons with a [Continue Reading>>]

Frugal Tip: Love Your Library

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Jun 182010
Frugal Tip: Love Your Library

This summer we have been more dedicated than ever to finding inexpensive, or no cost activities to break up the weeks and get us out of the house. Our first stop was the public library. Where we live, an average family of 4 living in a home valued at $250,000 pays about 84 cents per day for library services through property taxes. That 84 cents gives us access to over 300,000 books, DVDs, CDs, audiobooks, [Continue Reading>>]

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Slash Your Home Bills Fast

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Jun 172010

While excessive spending can use up a lot of your money, often the answer to your money problems is closer to home. Many people are spending way more on their bills than they need to be. Here are some ways to cut your everyday bills and save money every month. Conserve energy. It’s not only easy; it will also help drastically cut your energy bills. Here are a few quick and easy ways to make [Continue Reading>>]